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Would your company benefit from a better global sourcing company as its partner for high-value components? We are the experts when it comes to Global Sourcing.

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Long lead times

Working Capital Crunch

Supplier Rationalization

Quality & Defect Rate Reduction

Engineering Issues


Inventory Management

CSI tackles all of your tough-to-manufacture components and assemblies with its global team of engineering and technical specialists. We deliver unique solutions that drive down costs without sacrificing performance.

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CSI is proud to be the best in supply chain services.   CSI provides supply chain solutions for unique manufacturing supply chain challenges by lowering your costs and improving your productivity. CSI provides custom-crafted solutions for industries such as bearings manufacturers, gears manufacturers, sprockets manufacturers, stamping manufacturers and more.  We give you both the peace of mind and confidence that you will continue to lower manufacturing costs, while knowing your finished products will be of the utmost quality, at the best pricing the world has to offer.


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Questions, Quotes, Consultations?