Shower Seats

Precision-Crafted Bathware Products

CSI Shower Seats were developed together with our customers. As a result, our shower seat product line reflects years of accumulated customer knowledge, with emphasis on quality, manufacturing technology, and customer comfort.

We offer a full array of sizes, seat materials and configurations to perfectly fit your shower application whether it be in a hospital, nursing home, hotel, fitness center, or home.

CSI Shower Seats comply with all ADA requirements, and exceed Federal Spec. WW-P-541/8b, Amendment 1.16 April, 1990 and ANSI 117.1. When installed properly, CSI shower seats can withstand 400lbs (128kg) of load which exceeds the applicable federal load requirements.

Standard Features:
Manufactured with precision and quality, all CSI shower seats are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel. The tubing is at least 18 gauge (1.2mm) and all welds are heliarc welds.

  • Frame: 1.25” square tube main support with 1” round tube cross braces
  • Wall Flanges: Two 3” diameter x 10 gauge plates each with 3 mounting holes
  • Hinge: 1” round tube with 90 degree bend welded to 1.25” round 12 gauge rotary hinge
  • Support: Bent 1” diameter round tubing welded to 12 gauge rotary hinges
  • Wall Bracket: Constant friction guide bracket
  • Securely rests in the raised position

In accordance with ADA requirements, the seat can be raised and lowered with less than 5 pounds of force. Mounting bracket provides smooth, uniform resistance. Positive friction allows the seat to remain securely in the raised position, preventing accidental lowering. When installed correctly, CSI Shower seats will support a static load in excess of 400 lbs.

CSI offers a full range of folding shower seats, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and frames.

  • Shape: L-shaped (left or right hand) or Rectangular
  • Size: Lengths vary from 26” to 30”. CSI also offers a compact 16 rectangular model.
  • Material: Padded, Phenolic, or HDPE.
  • Colors: White is standard for padded and HDPE. Phenolic is available in white or wood. Other colors are also available.
  • Frames: The standard seat includes the wall bracket and support yoke. CSI also offers a frameless seat without the supporting yoke and a seat with swing down legs.

Every seat installation requires a reinforced wall backing. It is the responsibility of the designers, builders and installers to evaluate the application and the wall to specify the appropriate fasteners. Grab bars should be specified with shower seats. Consult local building codes and current ADA requirements to assure compliance.