Flange Styles:

The flange of the bar which is attached to the wall, floor or ceiling is an important structural and aesthetic aspect of the grab bar assembly. CSI offers a variety of exposed and concealed screw flanges to fit any application.

Exposed flange grab bar, inexpensive grab barExposed Flanges: 3″ diameter with five screw holes. The standard flange thickness is 14 gauge. Other thicknesses are available depending on the strength requirements for the application

Snap on, twist on grab bar flange coverConcealed Twist Flange: Flange cover conceals screws and flange by twisting into the locking position. The standard flange base is 14 gauge but heavier gauge is also available. Decorative covers are also available

Concealed Flange with Set Screw Cover: Flange cover conceals screws and flange, cover is held in place with Allen head set screws. The standard flange base is 14 gauge but heavier gauges are also available.

Grab bar with flange cover and set screwConcealed Flange with Welded Stud: These flanges consist of a single center screw which has been heliarc welded to the flange plate for convenience and easy installation

Welded Stud Grab BarCustom Flanges: Custom configurations and finishes manufactured to meet your application perfectly


All CSI Bathware grab bars are manufactured with 304 stainless steel for rust-resistant longevity in the bathroom environment. The tube walls are 18 gauge (1.2mm). The bars are available in either 1-1/2″ (38mm) or 1-1/4″ (32mm) diameter.

When installed correctly, all* CSI Bathware grab bars comply fully with ADA guidelines and can withstand loads in excess of the 250 lb requirement.

*Note: there is a small selection of grab bars which are ADA weight compliant but that do not meet the standoff or width requirements. These bars are very clearly labeled.